Bucket List for my 30s

Life has a way of taking over and before you can grasp how much time has past, you’re close to 30 and not where you wanted to be in life. So where did you want to be in life? What did you want to do? I think that’s what I’m pursing – clarity.

Once I can figure out what all I really want to achieve in the next few years, I can start figuring out how to make them happen! So for posterity, I’m going to list all of them and I guess I’ll update every year.

  • See Machu Pichu
  • Grow a Garden:with night jasmine and a kitchen herbs
  • Finish The big Tolstoy Re-read
  • See the Tsarkoe Selo
  • Watch Ballet in St. Petersburg
  • See Christmas in St. Petersburg
  • Party in Moscow for New Years
  • Learn to speak Punjabi like a Punjabi and lose my city accent
  • Have tea next to the Badshahi Mosque in the city of my ancestors Lahore.
  • Stand in the Gardens of Babur
  • Witness the destruction of Afghanistan
  • Buy Afghani Kuchi Jewellery
  • Look up at the Buddhas of Bamiyan
  • See the marvels of Persia in Tehran and the Destruction by the Amerike
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • See Petra and hang out with my friend Rudain in his country 🙂
  • See Israel – the destruction of the Palestinian
  • See the Marvels of Egypt –
  • Portugal- the first explorers, the small country that dominated the world of trade:)
  • See the Cherry blossoms in Japan and witness the first world
  • Be a successful entrepreneur –WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Save up a pot of money
  • Plan my destination wedding like a full on Bridezilla – WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Have a kid – maybe three?
  • Name my kid Fateh
  • Learn to Tango – the tango
  • Party in Rio
  • Learn to swim :/
  • connect with him again sometime and talk like before
  • Meet my friend Madeeha every year – be the best friend I can be to my soul sister
  • Go for a long holiday with my mumsie alone
  • Be a Homeowner
  • Oktoberfest in Germany, visit the Pergamon Museum in Berlin
  • Visit Auschwitz
  • Party in Croatia- island hopping?
  • White nights in Russia 🙂 Relive my Bronze Horseman experience
  • Visit Morocco with my friend Aziz
  • Another Coldplay concert please
  • Massai Mara – the great migration
  • Experience Zanzibar island fun
  • Say YES for an entire week
  • Try really hard to not become like the Good looking Sardar from the Sports Injury Hospital – there will be a post about this!
  • Railtrip across Europe – try to make it on the oriental express
  • Stay in a Scottish Highland castle, see the standing stones 🙂
  • Learn to Waltz in Vienna
  • Visit Pompeii – DONE
  • Learn to Sail
  • Learn to cook > Maybe?
  • Complete a 365 day photography project
  • Spend a week at sea
  • Hangout on the Nile cruise !
  • Create a life journal complete with posts, pictures and videos
  • Throw tomatoes at Madeeha in Spain for La Tomatina
  • Learn to be a happier person 🙂


The featured imagine is from a beautiful blog post: (you’ll probably have to use google Translate) http://zyciewzachwycie.blogspot.in/2015/10/orient-express-luksusowy-pociag.html


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